Day 5

Break fast is probably the hardest meal of this Whole30 program.  It takes more time than I am used to and I am getting a little tired of eggs–and it’s only Day 5!  Monday mornings are always rough at our house, but this one was especially bad due to the long weekend and previous 10 days of vacation.  We are just not back in the swing of things.  So I chopped some onion, red pepper and mushrooms, threw them in the pan with butter, tossed in some spinach and then scrambled it all with four eggs (for both me and Marcus).   Of course there was coffee and some fruit, too. It would make life simpler if the kids would eat this also, but the girls were fine with some cold hard-boiled eggs and G ate a bagel and we were out the door.  No time for a pic.

There’s this little lunch place that I love near my office–Dave’s Cafe–and they have a “Paradise Tuna” wrap that I love, so I for lunch today I tried to reinvent it as a salad.  I tossed a can of salmon with oranges, beets, dried cranberries and a few pistachios, some avocado oil and lemon juice, and then ate it over baby spinach and avocado (usually I get the Paradise Tuna on a spinach wrap).  It was pretty good!  And I was full all afternoon, even through my 5 mile power walk with a friend!20140106-125717.jpg

After getting the kids from the bus, we came home and I started dinner. (I love my day off, BTW!)  It’s bitterly cold out tonight, so I had planned to make chocolate chili.  I found the recipe on this great Paleo website, “The Clothes Make the Girl.”  It was a HUGE hit!  Everyone devoured it–the kids dressed it up with cheese and corn chips and the adults added avocado and red onion.  I only wish that I had doubled the recipe so that we could have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.



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